Sanch ko Anch Kaha.,Truth Always Trumph

KinWe all are human beings ,we are on this Earth to perform our duties and Karmas. Here I want to explain that we have come to this Earth not to fulfil our needs only but the actual cause is that we have performed some of our Karmas in a wrong way and we have to correct them. But as we come to the Earth ,we start with the chaos and don’t concentrate on what we are doing and what we have to do,we just start earning and earning without concentrating on what is right and what is wrong ,we want to be happy with things which make us unhappy.So apart from the basic needs we should also concentrate on the wrong karmas we have performed unknowingly,and also try to find out the reason behind it.And those who perform wrong Karmas should leave practicing them ,because this will make them more unhappy.Hence never try to perform your Karmas in a wrong way this will lead to coming back to the Earth and will give you sufferings
Try your level best to do the right.
Jai Hind Jai Bharat.
Banita Rani Singh.

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