Life (Part 4)

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Simple Living and high thinking is the basis of a

Successful Life..

Now let us start with normal physical world that is being externally and internally simple.

How can we become simple externally.


Looking Simple

We should look simple in appearance, that is not use wasteful cosmetics, and create an artificial look.  It is just waste of money and time.

Looking Natural is looking Simple.

Next our dressing sense

We should wear such clothes that cover our body completely and the dress should not be too glazy and goudy . This will explain simple dressing sense.


We should be simple in our communication.

That is transparent in our views.

Be short and sweet. Just elongating a communication for no reason is waste of energy and time. So  we can define this as a simple communication.


It defines our behavior towards other person. The warmth you give in your communication will come back to you with the same intensity.  This is simple interaction process.

Food Habits

We should eat simple  food, that is food with good food value ,we should avoid   snacks, but we cannot  completely leave them .This is my personal experience because in the life time we have to move to several places and it becomes very difficult to cope up with our home standards. We should avoid Non vegetarian food as it develops inhumane characteristics in our character,and also disturbs   our mental status  that is we mentally get disturbed. Simple vegetarian food is simple food habit.


A Good Character should be the aim of Life.

If character is lost every thing is lost. Hence this is the definition of Real Living and high Character. Ideal example for a simple character is Bhagwan Ram.


One should only take good things in life. Like the three monkeys of Mahtma Gandhiji

Don’t look bad ,Don’t see Bad and Don’t speak bad. This is simple taste.


  One should be fair and transparent in relations else there will be no peace of Mind.

This is   basis of simple Living and high Thinking.

The most important fundamental statement which should be followed is

Lord Buddha ‘s Tripitak.

Samyak Gyan ,Samyak Vani  and samyak Darshan.It is a bit  difficult at  times, but we    should not leave  this thumb  Rule.

Be true and Loyal to you and others.

Banita rani Singh

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