Life is a school,We can say it is a Deemed University

Life is a shool,we can say it is a Deemed University.Every step is to be placed judiciously..There is no short cut to pass this University.
The most important factor is Hard Work.,there is no substitute to it.
The second is Time Management,and the right work at right time.
The third one is Priority.
All these factors are interlinked.
Luck is also part and parcel to pass this University.And luck is nothing but work done in our previous generations.
The last but not the least is always remember GOD ,and ask for his directions.
When we go the right way and do the right work GOD is always there to help us .He becomes so happy that he helps us in every possible way.
Then no reason that one can not
Pass this University.
Banita Rani Singh.

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