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Introspection literally means to look into ourselves. It is  to see what we are ,and what we should be. Help ourselves to work for the betterment of ourselves and our society.  As we all are creatures of God, and we can only  be happy when our souls is in peace., and our souls can only be happy and peaceful, when it is contented. And contentment  it only achieved by self control that is “SAAYAM”  as we say in Hindi.And also when we have made all our duties in a correct way/rightful way,walked each step of our life  in the best of our effort in a right way. Have not heart any body  with our work and deed.

It is the best way to peace and contentment  we should not gamble on in what we don’t have ,because God gives us the best of our Karmas because we cannot get anything more than our Karmas. If we look into others life it will only cause discontentment. Hence look into ourselves. Don’t disturb or try to cheat others as God is there. Don’t take undue advantage of others.Live in your limits.

Hence keep introspecting ourselves it will only lead you to the Contentment of your souls,

Banita rani Singh

D/o Sh, Amar Singhji  and ShardaDevi.

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