Dusaro ki thali mai jhakana apni hani.Do not peep into others matters unless not asked

We are here on the Earth to perform our Karmas,it is better for us not to disturb others and also waste our time.
This does not mean that we should stop interacting with people,but as you feel they are avoiding you and not want your company you should leave quitly and go and concentrate on your work.
Time is too short and we all have to perform a lot of work for our release ,that is to join with God.
Hence indulging in others matter is a real waste of time and energy. But here again it is not that we should stop helping others.It is that to just ponder about and waste time is life wasted. First of all we have to be strong ourselves ,make our family happy,throw away the Garbage out,so we can concentrate in oursekves.But here as I feel that we should always keep in touch with our family and friends,because God has given them to us, to help us ,we should also help them in our limits.
Not disturb them ,don’t get inside thier personal matters unless asked for.
We all of us have a time frame and time line ,always obey it and respect others then only we will get respect.
Disturbing others ,laughing at others will give the same to you in return.
So we have to work for the betterment of ourselves,our family ,.Our socity,our Nation Our world ,our Universe.
I don’t feel that there no time to waste in interfering in others personal matters ,which will cause you unrest and some wrong thoughts will come to you.Thus I can say without fail.that we should. Never try to full down anyone ,and stop disturbing to interfere in thier personal matters.I feel that if you really want to help any you can ask him,else God is always there to help all of us.
Banita Rani Singh

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