Characterless is always in unrest . Charitraheen sapanau sukh nahi .

As it is said that an person who is not independent never achieve peace.simiarly I feel that a characterless person is always in unrest.He is busy deciding one problem or the other.He can never be truthful.,hence no peace.
The biggest problem of today world is Charcterlessness..If one can control his or her character he will achieve peace of mind if not any designation or name .He can still do a lot of work that are not possible by a characterless person .He can not become a hero in this materalistic World but is a hero of God. Thatvus shero of Spiritual world.God always loves him. The characterless will die one day as a money collecting machine. He cannot be a leader of God.He cannot be a pathfinder .
Banita Rani Singh.

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