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Art is a Natural Phenomenona natural inbuilt property of an individual.Age is no bar for Art.It is borne by the grace of Maa Saraswati,the goddess of Art and knowledge.Only that art is considered as a real art that gives peace to the mind and soul.

An Ideal artist is a gift of God.And nature is an ideal teacher.So to become an ideal Artist ,one should love nature. VulgarĀ  art work cannot be a real art work.It s just an idiotic thought which is just waste of time and energy.It is also an expression of ones state of mind of a person.If a person Paints with a pure and peaceful mind the painting is lovely and peace giving.

Art is also a medium of knowledge,because a person grabs more attention towards a picture than reading a novel so it can also become a medium of teaching and knowledge.As Picture remains vivid for more time in the memory then words.

In general a real Painting is a painting that gives,knowledge, peace to our mind and soul.

Banita Rani Singh

D/o Shri Amar Singh

An Sharda Devi.

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