Banitacreations.com is an informative,creative and interesting site.It includes moral Education, Art and Culture,Science,Article,poetry and Craft.
Presently it is in the initial phase after a break.The site emphasis on the reality of Life,Beauty of Life,Beauty of good Karmas. Principles of Karma,Ideal living and hence contentment and peace.

The site also consists of other sections:-
1.Thought for The day
2.Photo of the day
3.Daily question and Answer.
4.Introduction of small booklets
In the section Article you will find article related to science and some general topics.Articles also includes some interesting and adventureous incidents of life.Also it will include short lesson based stories of ideal peronalities of India,and any other new idea that strikes my mind.

In the section of the site with the head Art and Culture,there are three sections one is painting and the other is photography.Painting will consist of beautiful paintings giving peace to mind.And the Photography depecting historiical monuments,reflections of Nature..
The Art section explains that nature has its own language and it needs no words o explain
The Culture section envisages ,The sweet smell of relationships in India,The loving,carrring Mother,,Responsible father and lovely brothers and sisters respect to teachers etc etc.
The section writings,also includes poetry on various topics already mentioned

Another section is craft section which includes,Rangoli making,THread work,Embroidery,cllay moulding,Gardening,Jwellary making,Soft toy making,Flower making etc etc…

Hope you will all enjoy the Site and send your valueable comments ans suggestions.

To Top it all, it is an interesting site for all,and most special for those who love India,or want to know India,it is a privilage from them.It will also contain Photography from abroad including interesting events .