Aap Kaj Maha Kaaj,Self Work is the Best Work

It is rightly said that the work done by ourselves is the best, and gives us the maximum satisfaction

But then you will say that we should not take help of others, but it is not so .We can take help of others only and only when you are in real need.If you can do your work yourself ,never take help of others,it will help you a lot.
1.You will attain great Knowledge will be busy,as we all know that empty mind is devils mind.
3.You will be confident
4.As we all know ,Knowledge is Power,Hence you will also get respect for you.
4.Satisfaction ,it is the most important factor in Life and helps in real living.
Hence it is also a part of Simple Living and High Thinking.
And aawe all know that it the best remedy for Peace.
Banita Rani Singh.

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